Australian Women's Alliance Against Corruption.

The Australian Women's Alliance Against Corruption ( AWAAC ) was founded in June 2010 by -


Karen Smith, founder of SING : Silence Is Not Golden

Robina Cosserfounder of The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles.


Christine Cameron, founder of Nurses in Crisis

Why DID WE FEEL THAT there WAS  a need for an Australian Women's Alliance Against Corruption?

Because so many Australian women are attracted to work in the traditional 'caring professions' - nursing, teaching, aged care, etc.

And more women than men are in the lower ranks of these 'caring professions'.

And women in these 'caring professions' tend to take their work very seriously.

Women try to deal with workplace concerns in a professional manner.

So women in these traditional 'caring professions' may find that they are more vulnerable to 'payback'- to being driven into ill health, out of work, and into an impoverished retirement.

And then these women may find that the 'official processes' that are supposed to deal with workplace abuse - the Ethical Conduct Departments, the Ombudsmen, the Crime and Misconduct Commissions, the Anti-Discrimination Commissions, etc. - seem to be a sham.

And that their unions do not support members who are 'in conflict with' other members.

And they may find that women's workplace problems are ignored or trivialised.

And that women who work in the 'caring professions' are not supported.

And then they may discover that Australian Newspapers will not publish their stories - because so many Australian women are being bullied out of work that it is not considered to be 'news'.

And that Australian Women's Magazines also have little interest in publishing the stories of Australian women who have been bullied out of work - because these women tend to be older, and so they are "not our demographic".

And because these women do not fit the usual 'Patient Griselda' Australian women's magazine format.

These women will not suffer injustice, smile bravely and quietly 'move on'.

These Australian women want justice.

So The Australian Women's Alliance Against Corruption was founded.

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